ICON: From your designs on By Him’s Instagram feed, you’ve injected personality and fun into men’s styling. Was this a conscious decision?

Shayne Tino (ST): “Yes, this is something I intended to implement from the conception of BY HIM. I wanted my garments to re ect my consumers’ style and attitude.”

ICON: Men’s suiting traditionally hasn’t been very experimental, so why did you decide to, literally, mix things up?

ST: “I’m a rule breaker by nature, particularly with my style. I mix and match pieces most people wouldn’t and I wanted to re ect that edge in my tailoring. BY HIM has a really modern, underground take on suits and I love that it’s breaking traditional tailoring barriers.”

ICON: Do you design for yourself; are you your own customer?

ST: “Yes, definitely, I started designing because I wanted to create my own wardrobe. I struggled to find garments I loved and usually what I loved I couldn’t afford growing up. I wanted to o er my consumer a high-end aesthetic without the price tag.”

ICON: Who is the By Him man, and what does his typical day look like?

ST: “The BY HIM man is con dent and fashion conscious, he likes to take risks and push boundaries with the way they dress. The BY HIM man has a lot going on; he’s entrepreneurial so he’s always on the run!”

ICON: Product and inspiration are intrinsically connected, so what has been inspiring you lately?

ST: “My suiting was originally inspired by my love for hip-hop and the streets of LA. Music will always be my main source of inspiration, but lately I have been tracking back to films from the 60s and 70s. I feel like it was such an iconic time in pop culture.”


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